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by Aldrin Tan November 13, 2017 2 min read

Time has changed as men have more aware of their necessities. Goodbye to those days when apparels were the only options in men's underwear.


Most stat say that G-Strings, Thongs and Mesh Underwear are the best to boost up your manhood. It may seem to have more sexy style but what about your comfort? The most important thing is still comfortability then comes the sexiness. Boxer Brief is still my number one choice not only with my on-the-go-underwear, but also one way to boost your sex appeal. This covers what is supposed to be covered. Pick a Boxer Brief that has a super soft fabric for the ultra level of comfort and superb breathe-ability.

When buying an underwear (especially when you are buying online), make sure to check your size and the size chart of the undergarment.

best underwear for men

Wearing tight underwear is not recommended for men who hope to father children. This may lower your sperm count like consuming alcohol or smoking tobacco. We also don't want our partner to see how fit your underwear is when you are at that moment. Black is still black when it comes to sexy underwear. Some says red but the survey founds out that black is still the colour that each gender likes the most on the other - 66% of women liked to see me in black. 

best underwear for men

T-Bô One Carbon Black is one of the 3 premiums colors we offer. This T-Bô One Underwearhas the support without feeling stifled. Combines with functionality and fashion. Made with thin bamboo modal fabric that almost feels like wearing nothing and finer than cotton or silk.

Check out T-Bô One Underwear

Made with Bamboo Modal with Three premium colors: Carbon Black, Sky Blue, and Diamond Grey Click this link to see more
Aldrin Tan
Aldrin Tan

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Size chart

Our Size chart is based on Italian underwear sizes which is smaller than the standard American sizes. 

We strongly Recommend to take one size larger.

Waist (inch) 26-28 28-31 31-33 33-36
Waist (cm) 68-72 72-78 78-84 84-90

How to measure my natural waist?

To measure your natural waist, measure at your belly button. If your waist is larger than your hips use the narrowest part of your torso to measure your waist.

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